Turns into a Pteradon robot


Terrafly has a pteradon's face on his chest, and crest on the back of his head. His face is like a normal bots, human like and his pteradon wings and thrusters are on his back. He has thin legs which are more robotic than the rest of his body and his fingers are claws.


Terrafly is a sychophant, which for those of you who are fans of big words (or english) means he's a suckup. He sticks to the strongest person he can find and walks in their shadow to get through life. He is not truly a coward as he will defend himself, but usually when there is someone to help him or something worth fighting for like a valuable source of power.


Terrafly can fly in both form but beyond that his strength is just beneath average. He can however pick up an average size bot and fly with them.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Rail Gun: An average rail gun, unlike most bots, Terrafly holds his on a compartment on his back.
  • Thrusters: Terrafly has thrusters on his back to fly at high speed.

Beast Mode

His beast most is a robotic Pteradon, with thrusters on his wings and a pair of talons beneath which serve as legs.


  • Beast to Robot: His face comes of and become one with his chest while his legs, become arms. His legs fold out of his back and his wings move onto his shoulders.