A large Kishin sent to kill Maxion

Appearance Edit

Terro is a large kishin with a grey, purple hued body. His feet are column like and his arms are barrel shaped. His chest is cubic with vents and curved armor that rises up from his abdominal region. His helmet it featureless save for a crest. He is most noted for his large arms.

Personality Edit

Terro is simple in personality, he doesn't think too much about anything and is prone to obey orders. He does think highly of his strength and almost never backs down from a challenge.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Exothermic Ray: A powerful heat ray formed from his hands
  • Missiles: Generated from his arms and shoulders
  • Fists: Terro's fists have shock absorbers for increasing their power, he can also slam into the ground and generate and EM pulse.

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