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Autobot is the main political party of Shining Convoy. It lean on the very far-left side of the political spectrum. Currently every single member of ZSG are member of this party. After Setsuna overthrown Shining and crowned herself as God Empress Setsuna. The party is dissolved and reform itself into Maximal party after the signing of Pax Equalia or Equality Act.

Policies Edit

The Autobot party main political concern is good social change, happiness and equality for all human, seibertronian and faeries. Promoting Braveism as the main religion in the Omniverse. The containment and extermination of Xeno. And more importantly, mainintaining the supremacy of all under Primus divine family over all form of life.

Power Edit

The party hold absolute power over Zen Seibertron Gang. It was essentially the gang itself.

Fate Edit

After it reformation into Maximal, the party exile itself into another Omniverse in order to continue their practice. Only their leader continued to stand firm and oppose the Equality Act. Despite all of them viewing it at something blasphemous. Half of the party believe they should overthrown Setsuna and put L on the throne. The other half believe that no matter what happen, Setsuna is the rightful owner to the throne of Shining. This difference in opinion split them apart and cause a Civil War between the Maximal and Autobot party.

Whichw led to wht the Omniverse known ar Zen Seibertrn Civil War.

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