A series of giant robots commisioned by the Federation and Alliance to deal with the Chromium menace. They are known simply as the Bigs.

Nature Edit

The Big series are robots of forty meters or so in height, created to fight Mechanoids, particularly the Chromiums. They are generally large bipedal tanks with gatling guns and rocket launchers, powered by large Uranium Generators and high powered explosives. Many sport a single large photoreceptor, often resembling an eye. All Bigs are piloted due to the fear of sentient machines.

History Edit

When the Chromium Common Wealth turned into the Chromium Empire, and began it expansive policy, the Federation and the Alliance joined together fight back. With their joined resources and Swede's research, they created the Big Series to combat the Chromium push.

The later Bigs were used against the Vandoricons and the Rodanians.

Notable Bigs Edit

  • Big 3: One of the earlier Bigs of the Alpha generation, is cubic in form and armed with EM Gatling gun arms. This big could use a laser designator from its eye for other ships to fire.
  • Big Beta 4: A second generation big, it's arms are pincers on tube like appendages and its form is more smooth. Its arms sport rocket launchers and it has an eye beam. It also has rockets in its legs.
  • Big Gamma 5: This generation had a more humanoid appearance, better armor and more weapons. It's eye was behind a glass dome that also fired a laser. Its right arm was a Blaster Cannon, its right arm sported several and its dense chest armor could fire laser designated missiles. Its legs and back sport powerful thrusters and it can achieve FTL meaning it does not require a ship.
  • Big Delta: Primarily the same as Big Gamma with a few visual differences, such as a different chest shield. Big Delta's main difference is its ability to transform into a space ship
  • Big Epsilon: The last of the line, Epsilon was born not of typical technology but by copying Vandoracon Biology. Its inner structure is an experimental alloy which is an attempt to recreate transmetal. It has the ability of the previous generation but also bares self repair functions and several drones loaded in its hangars.

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