A mysterious crystal that is said to grant unlimited power, however that power cannot be controlled. It is also known as the Crystal of Destruction/Calamity/Chaos.


The crystal appears to be a large cluster of glowing white crystals.


The Crystal is actually not magical but a Hyper-Space Link, meaning the vast ambient energies that naturally permeate higher dimensions are flowing down to the mortal dimension within the crystal, this means that it must eventually and continually relies the excess energy or convert it into mass. The energy is primarily released in the form of natural disasters around the planet where it is located. Also because of its cross dimensional nature, it releases Tetryon Radiation which attributes to the disasters it causes.


  • Perpetual Energy: The crystal is a source of theoretically unlimited but also destructive energy. Controlling this energy requires a highly advance system
  • Disaster Generation: The crystal naturally causes disasters such as storms and earthquakes to occur around it.
  • Impossible to Scan: Due to the nature of how it works any scanner would simply detect a crystal was vast amounts of energy within it, assuming the scanner could get past the tetryon radiation.


The crystal was made by an ancient advance civilization to power their civilization. What remains of them is unknown but the crystal is located within a temple structure. They most likely ran from the crystal's power, if the left the planet is unknown but there are no other signs of civilization besides the temple.