A list of criminal brought to justice by the bounty hunter known as The Deitric Hunter. They are guilty of some of the worse violations of Galactic Law.

(As a Note to Akreious, put a '*' next to any character you don't want)

Criminals and Charges Edit

  • Count Karldo: A noble who owned his own planet. Has fled to said world which he has fortified with defense satellites.
    • Slavery: Invaded a Roots Movement colony (anti technology Hippies) and used them as slave labor.
      • Pink Alchemy: Attempted to dispose of the 'evidence' of his crimes by converting the living and the dead into fuel.
  • Doctor Fillian Den: Performed illegal experiments into bioweapons. Is currently hiding on an unknown planet.
    • Illegal Bioengineering: Created Xenomorph like creatures. Early version caused the death of several colonies during his 'tests'.
  • The Queen of Clouds: A tyrant wanted by the galactic community for various atrocities. Is wanted dead, and along with her bloodline.
    • Genocide:
    • Slavery:
    • Torture:
    • Use of illegal Weapons.
  • Pending.

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