Homeworld: Planet Talkon
Tech Age: Space Age
Appearance: Human Like
Common Traits: Human Like abilities
Series: Maxion
Type: Villains
Affiliation Themselves
Imperial Navy
Created by SolZen321

The Empire, or Galactic Empire, is ruled by a human like race known as Imperials. Ruling the Pegasus Galaxy they are hated and despised by all races that know them. The Imperials were originally from the planet Talkon.


The Imperials all appear to visually be humans with similar anatomies. Even civilians tend to dress in a military uniform like style, further emphasizing the connection between the Empire and the Imperials.


The Imperials are all raised on the idea that their civilization is perfect and that they brought peace and order to chaotic galaxy. While the times before their rise were the most chaotic in recent galactic history, they are dispised and hated by every species they know, most of which they have conquered. They believe that they are the most entitled of all races and rightful rulers of the galaxy. They also think that other races are beneath them, the less Imperial like the worse. Their arrogance also works against them, despite what they think of themselves, most are not strategic thinkers and anyone who doesn't share in their belief in their perfection can be considered a traitor. This belief in perfection and heavy adherence to tradition also means that their civilization has begun to stagnate with new ideas being treated with distrust. Other species have begun to rise up against them, having created new technology while theirs has hardly changed in the centuries they have been in power.


While able to create spaceships and large cities, much of their technology is antiquated by the standards of other races.

They use Type 2 Blasters which are notorious for their lack of accuracy. In fact their weapons are the most common but also the most looked down upon in the galaxy.

Their battle armor, while immune to bullets, offers little protection against directed energy weapons.

Imperial Shields are considered terrible, fine for keeping away space debris but not for a fight, which is made up by the fact fact that most of their ships are massive.


  • Emperor Ravion: Disliked by the Senate due to being more forward thinking, and less arrogant.