The End is possibly the most dangerous and of all the Calamity Relics. Unlike the others this objects was created by the being known Maxion Prime himself.


Taking the form of a black cube, it has metal edges and purple circuit lines on the sides which are composed of overlapping layers of materials and etched in glowing alien glyphs.


Its name comes from what it does, it is the 'end' of everything. The device destroy, repels space, creating holes in the fabric of reality and destroying everything in its wake. It is in fact a wormhole weapon and destructive capability exceed anti-matter bombs and especially Nuclear bombs, even Subspace Weapons are no match to the amount of destruction this device can cause. Any and all singularities can be created, controlled, sent out of control and removed at the devices leisure. It is because of this object above all other Calamity Relics can bring about the death of the universe that it is not even kept in the fault.

A Sound of Giants: Series

The End is the Ultimate expression of Maxion's technological ability expressed as a weapon of mass destruction. The object can generate and control Alternate Space, using it to eradicate enemies in waves of minus energy. The object is powered by a Black Matter Fusion Cell and it naturally gives of intense gravitation waves if left idle for too long.


  • Its name comes from the Dimension in the game Minecraft and from the quote 'It is the end, but the moment has been prepared for.' said by the fourth Doctor before is regeneration. It is also inspired by the Moment from Doctor Who.