The Enemy of Ancient Mechanoids. They threatened the Galaxy/Universe in ancient times in the Sara Prime timeline.

Appearance Edit

Nature/History Edit

The Enemy are the creators of numerous horrors that plagued the galaxy in the ancient times, and they were believed to be more terrible than them. They hate all other forms of life, even robotic life and have gone on to create various machines and weapons to destroy their enemies.

Eventually, like their enemies, they disappeared.

Creations/Minions Edit

  • The Gormin: Their foot soldiers and answer to the Mechanoids
  • Horror Factories: To produce their giant monstrous creations, the horrors
    • Horrors: Sometimes called Space Krakens, these giant cephlapod terrors can cause massive destruction.
    • Horrors: The Xeno-Dragons, these alien Draconian monsters, can spew streams of plasma
    • Horrors: Sludge like horrors, living waves of acid that feed on pollution.
  • Harvesters: Giant multi-legged machines, that serve as engines of destruction.
    • Blighted: Organics that have been warped by a nanite virus into techno zombie and other abominations.
  • Techno Plague: A bioweapon

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