A race of organic humanoids who rule Rodania under the pretense that they created all mechanoid life forms. With Rodania's central computer damaged, they are now after the Vandoricons as a new source of slaves.

Appearance Edit

The Engineers in truth, resemble human like beings, with pointed ears, cone shaped heads, pale to tan skin tones, and always have straight hair in bowl cuts.

They typically wear space suits that resemble humanoid with black chitin armor and elephant like trunks.

History Edit

A greedy race, they were known for their underhanded dealings. Once they supplied a race with a cure for a plague, for centuries. It was only the interference of an outside party that cut of the trade and allowed the customer race to learn that the 'cure' was an addictive drug and that the plague had been gone for centuries.

At some point in the past, they were a part of the Covenant of Fire, but were eventually banished for trying to overthrow the Prophets.

Eventually their planet was invaded and the few that escaped landed on young Rodania where they discovered the central computer core producing the earliest Rodanians which they enslaved, setting themselves up as gods. For the next thousands of years they ruled, keeping the population weak and ruling through their Engineering guard.

Eventually their rule nearly came to an end due to an alien mechanoid named Magnus, but his rebellion was cut short thanks to an internal spy and his people taking him away before the last battle could be completed.

However the damage was done, many Engineers were dead and they had damaged the core, halting the production of new Rodanians. To this end they sought to invade Magnus' homeworld, to discover the means by which his people were built.

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