Logo of The Initiative

The Initiative is a secret organization that operates in the midst of the chaos and destruction of the PT Earth. They created Powered Teridax to combat the giant monsters above the surface as well as destroying PT Earth itself. They first appeared in Tremor

History Edit

After The Tremor that caused civilizations to fall, several great minded people formed the Initiative to combat the giant monsters that appears after the Tremor. They created Powered Teridax, the ultimate fighting machine in order to accomplish their goals as well as destroying Earth as it caused the Tremor.

Timeline of The Initiative Edit

  • 2016: The Initiative was formed 3 years after the Tremor.
  • 2017-2020: Created the blueprint and wooden model of Powered Teridax.
  • 2018-2035: Mining of the extremely durable metal, Zenzium, began.
  • 2020-2028: Creating Powered Teridax using the accumulated Zenzium and doing some testing.
  • 2030: Deployment of Powered Teridax

Infantry Weapons Edit

  • M16A8: A heavily modified production of the aging M16 rifle. Armed with lasers and HE grenades.
  • P258: A burst fire pistol.
  • RPG-38: A reloadable rocket launcher.

Vehicles Edit

  • AMX 30: Stolen from the South Americans and Middle Easterns, these French tanks are re-equipped with Pluton missiles as well as giving them a better engine and a booster, enabling it to move faster. 
  • F-4 Phantom II: The vintage Vietnam War fighter jets are rarely used by the Initiative except during dire circumstances.
  • LATV: The former Australian army LATVs are the standard vehicles for Initiative members.
  • Mi-8 Hook: These Soviet helicopters are the standard air transport for Initiative members.
  • Tunguska: Self propelled anti-air guns mounted on a T-80 chassis.

Members Edit

  • Edward Richtofen: A famed German scientist who is responsible for creating cloning technology. If it wasn't for the Tremor, the Initiative could have used clones to do their dirty work. Richtofen as the leader of the Initiative is responsible for overseeing the activities of all members.
  • Jean: The former Australian Air Force pilot was a victim of several assaults after the Tremor. She now works for the Initiative as the combat instructor.
  • Mike Ark: This former Swedish bank manager is the current financial manager for the Initiative.
  • Rei Akatsuki: Rei Akatsuki is a 17-year old Japanese teenager who's father was a close friend to Richtofen. He's the one that comes up with the idea of Powered Teridax.

Trivia Edit

  • The vehicles used by the Initiative are real.

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