The despotic ruler of The city in the clouds, she desires to claim ultimate power.

Appearance Edit

The queen has long curly red hair, pale skin, she is a woman in her sixties but is still active that has an athletic build. She wears a long flowing robe, a jade band on her forehead, a red and gold vest, several rings and always carries a straight sword. She had golden shoulder pads and sports a dress of scale-male armor in battle with gauntlets and boots. She is noted for having blue sparkling eyes.

In her younger years, she had tan skin, due to often being outside, she wore a flamboyant cone shaped silver crown with a gold lining, a skin tight metal legless leotard with a red breecloth. She armed herself with a staff with a red gem.

Personality Edit

In her youth the Queen was vain, proud and showy, as shown by her self appointed title. She was also a tyrant, resulting in several attempts to dethrone her and numerous attempts to conquer the surface nation below.

In her older years she has mellowed out, being concerned now only with prolonging her lifespan. While is now a much better leader, she still cares little for those under her reign.

History Edit

Originally from the jungle city of Paradise, she was banished to the wilds for her attempts to overthrow the matriarch. She was found by explorers from the Cloud city and taken back to be a trophy wife to the mayor. Eventually she took over and imposed her will. Despite several attempts she was not over thrown and she sought to invade her former home, each time has failed.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Swordsmanship: The queen is a trained and experienced swordsman.
  • Staff of the City: Which allows her to mentally connect and control the technology in her domain.

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