The enemies of the Von

Appearance and Biology Edit

The Shadows resemble humanoid imprints of darkness upon reality. They look less like shadows and more like an absence of light in humanoid form.

The Shadows are composed of Plasma of a strange sort, which is also composed of Anti-Photons. This fact allows them to hide from most scanners and even in plain sight. As plasma based beings, they can manipulate electrical fields, ions and plasma. They also have the unique ability, compared to the Von, to posses organics.

History and Culture Edit

Supposedly coming from another dimension, the Shadows and the Von have fought with each other for ages unknown.

While the Von care intensely for order and rules, the Shadows are agents of chaos preferring to let nature take its course. They are amoral, naturally destructive and uncooperative and desire authority over others. For these reasons they have warred with the Von, until they were sealed away, while a few still remain in hiding.

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