Also known as the Mechanoid Civil War, and Cyberbot Destroid War, it is the conflict started by Shiny.

Events Edit

After being rejected and destroying the Cyberbot High Council Assembly Building, Shiny began to broadcast his message of bigotry and Technoism to the masses, turning some of the rebellious youth and bigots to his cause.

The first major thing his followers did was plant a virus in the Cyberbot Commonwealth System, freezing their infrastructure. This allowed them to rampage across their home planet and known Commonwealth space and outside.

Shiny's followers, labelled Destroids, committed numerous vile acts, such as mass murders of non-Spark Based Mechanoids, violations of the Prime Directive and inhuman acts against organic species. However, their attempts to convert the rest of their kind had failed, and when they Cyberbots repaired their system, they retaliated. However the war was a stalemate, while Destroid fleets and ships were inferior to Cyberbot vessels, Shiny made an attempt to liberate their homeworld all but impossible.

It fell to the Atlanta and its crew to find the pieces of a legendary relic, with which to use against Shiny. Ultimately Shiny launched an attack on the Cyberbot's base of operations. It was during this battle that the Atlanta Crew arrived. With the relic in his proximity, Shiny's godlike powers were neutralized and his was ultimately sealed outside of the very universe itself. His fleet was destroyed and the Cyberbots and other Galactic Empires, agreed to destroy all Destroids on sight.

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