A group of clones who pilot the Evolroids. They do not get along with Jean.

Appearance Edit

Each Sister resembles a younger version of Maxine Hunter, athletic in build and with red glowing eyes. They constantly wear a grey body suit with pieces of armor. They usually wear helmets and have special collars around their necks.

History Edit

Created by Dr. Hamilton using Maxine's DNA, they were flash raised clones, with information force fed via cybernetic implants. They were created to be pilots of the Evolroids, by having a resistance towards the Red Light. This is done by using Red Light radiation to accelerate the growth process.

Most are considered expendable as they commonly begin to show symptoms of Red Light Poisoning after a few short battles, but a few, who show resistance are considered valued members. The collars they wear are shock harnesses. Only high ranking officials in Gene have the remotes to turn them on, as they are not meant for discipline but to restrain them if they begin to mutate.

X-52 Edit

One of the oldest Sisters, she is a few years old and has survived several battles. She is deeply loyal to Maxine, seeking only to please her. Due to their similarities, she originally mistook Jean for a rebellious sparking their dislike for each other.

X-52 does not understand the difference between her and her sisters and Jean's connection to Maxine and why she is so antagonist to her mother. It is what bothers her when Maxine lets slid things Jean would do that none of her sisters would even think of attempting.

Abilities Edit

  • Inhuman Endurance: The Sisters are able to endure worse than most people
  • Inhuman Strength: The Sisters have abnormally dense muscles. While not inhuman, they are much stronger than they look.
  • Red Light Resistance: They can endure more exposure than most before showing systems.

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