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The Tale of Maxion is a creation of User SolZen321, posted on Wattpad

Premise Edit

Tales, is about young Xenon, a robot considered a 'glitch' at birth and relugated to the position of a miner. On the opposite spectrum is Thanion, a bot built along with the same model as the planet's ruler, making him a prince. These two opposite find their destinies tied together as an ancient evil returns.


Characters Edit

  • Xenon: The main character
  • Thanion: His antithesis.

Others Edit

  • Brawn: Leader of the mining Colony
  • X-Crawl: A miner who bullies Xenon
  • Digger: Another miner who is nicer to Xenon.

Senate Council Edit

  • Clamien: An old senator was shady dealings.
  • Rutler: Another Senator who does not always agree with Clamien's plans.
  • Shamin: The female Senator
  • Clarion: The Dai Apex, leader of the Mechanoid Race.

Models and Designations Edit

  • AM/Atlas Minor: A low class worker, such as a miner or builder.
  • AMx/Atlas Maximus: A high class physical worker, such as a guard or a soldier.
  • EM/Explorator Minor: An explorer, scout, overseer, management
  • EMx/Explorator Maximus: An EM but of a higher rank. Is an upgrade.
  • PM/Promethian Minor: A low level intellectual class, such as a clerk, a secretary.
  • PMx/Promethian Maximus: An intellectual class bot, an overseer over other bots, a senator. Is an upgrade.
  • FD/Femme Dai: A female style bot. They are the oldest know models, having been built in the image of the builders.
  • DA/Dai Apex: The overall leader, is an Upgrade.

Terms Edit

  • Mechanoid: The race's term for itself, adopted from less insulting terms used by organic races.
  • Progenitor: The create/god of the Mechanoids.
  • Plasma Heart: The equivalent of a Spark for Mechanoids.
  • Ethium: The custom made fuel they use to power themselves.
  • Archetypes/Progenitors: The first of each model, all bots bare body types based of their designs. They are revered in a sort of ancestor worship, way.
  • The Builders: The organics who first built the mechanoids before they gained sentience. They are not spoken of with reverence and many refute the claims of their existence.
  • Nexus: An artifact of great religious importance and power.
  • Old Machines: Ancient enemies of the Progenitor and the Archetypes.

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