A powerful and influential family interested in post-human abilities and evolution.

Members Edit

  • Emon: The spectacle wearing Patriarch. He has been the head of the family for as long as anyone can remember.
  • Makoto: A red haired member, she frequently interacts with Shukasa, despite his diverging opinions to the goals of the Tao.
  • Shukasa: A member who exiled himself. Due to his strong potential and genius, the elders are keen to get him to comeback.
  • Tsubasa: A member who works in the government, his job is to keep Tao activity secret.
  • Mitsuhiro: Branch family member who seeks to advance his station.
  • Ayanami: Mitsuhiro's daughter, in the same year as Jean.

Goal Edit

The Tao family are interested in the generation of superhuman beings among their bloodline. Several of their core family members have ESP, in the form of telepathy and such. Due to their eugenics the main family faces decline caused by genetic defects.

The main reason for this is that they use their ESP to generate wealth and through that political power.

History Edit

The Tao family believes they are descended from gods/aliens and that their oldest known ancestors were powerful sorcerers/psychics. For as long as they have known they have had great political power through their powers, although once or twice they were almost wiped out.

In modern times, much of their 'legendary power' is gone, and the main family faces decline to due to birth defects resulting in numerous still-borns and low infertility, as well as weak immune systems.

Their side families include the Meiji Family, which has low psychic potential, and the family which became the Satellite Family, which moved so far away as to no longer consider themselves related.

It is due to this that they have taken interest in the Light of Evolution and all things related to it.

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