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The Thirteen are the name use to call the group of Transformer that considered by the Cybertronian to be the representative of Cybertronian race. They are part of the Convoy Council and Brave Family, and have no greater power than any.

Member Edit

Prima: Shining Convoy

Vector Prime

Megatronus (Mega Convoy)

Nexus Prime

Solus Convoy (Alter Ego is Star Scream, but change to Solus when the G1 Star Scream appear)

Micronus Convoy (Alter Ego is Bumblebee, but change back to Micronus when G1 Bumblebee appear)

Quintus Convoy (Alter Ego is Wheeljack but change back to Quintus once G1 Wheeljack appear)

Onyx Convoy (Alter Ego is Grimlock, but change back to Onyx once G1 Grimlock appear)

Autonomous Convoy (Formerly Bombshell, but after he become Might Kaiser, he pass on the power to the brainwashed Li Syaoran)

Logos Convoy (Alter ego is Soundwave, but change after G1 Soundwave appear)

Liege Maximo (Call himself Battle Convoy, because the former name is too hard to pronouce)

Armada Convoy (Armada Optimus Prime)

Saber Convoy (Star Saber former name)

Bodies Edit

Shining Convoy: Original Fanart, can combine with Hytherion to become God Shining and Alternity to become Kind Shining. Combine with both to form Great Shining.

Vector Prime: Cybertron toy Bodies, can combine with Soundwave.

Nexus Prime: Botcon exclusive toy bodies, can use Micronus as a Micron

Megatronus: Shattered Glass Megatron can combine with Autonomous and Solus

Solus Convoy: Shattered Starscream can combine with Autonomous and Solus

Micronus Convoy: G2 Gobot Bumblebee, can combine with Nexus Prime

Quintus Convoy: Trianix Alpha

Onyx Convoy: Power Core Combiner Grimstone / Grimaster

Autonomous Convoy: A Custom Toy base on Cybertron Starscream, can combine with Megatronus and Solus

Logos Convoy: Cybertron Soundwave, can combine with Vector Prime.

Liege Maximo: G2 Laser Optimus, and G2 Combat Heroes Optimus in super mode, G1 Star Convoy is the ultimate form.

Armada Convoy: Armada Optimus Prime original release, combine with Jet Fire and Sentinel Maximus.

Saber Convoy: Masterpiece Star Saber.

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