A dreadnought class Starship.

Appearance Edit

A large gargantuan ship, The Thor is an Imperial Fist Class Ship, with a long rectangular body, a front which curves down, a small tower like construction on the bottom, a raised bridge/lookout station and several large thrusters on the back.

Armaments Edit

  • Duranium Shield: A shield of Duranium plating that makes up the front of the ship. Excellent for ramming.
  • Space Titanium Plating: Covering most of the ship is a Space Titanium Alloy.
  • Hydra Class Thrusters: The rockets on the back, each comparable in size to a frigate sized ship. They are Plasma Thrusters and allow for high speed movements under Luminous speed.
  • Turbo Blasters: Turrets which fire high quality Plasma Bolts.
  • Nova Cannons: The cannons which mark the side and the side of the Duranium Shield. They are charged with Hyper Matter, which makes them much more powerful than normal blaster turrets. A few shots can take out most normal ships and even space colonies.
  • Lances of Odin/ Grugnir System: Essentially Super Lasers, one which points through the bottom half of the shield and the tower that points down on the ship. Each has enough power to destroy an entire asteroid or a continent in one shot.
  • Magnetic Resonance Shields: An evolved form of Structural Integrity Shields, this energy fields makes the hull resistant to physical changes such as being morphed from impact or melting.
  • Photon Prism Shield: An Advance Deflector Shield
  • Hyper Matter Reactor: A single super powerful reactor which powers the Super Lasers.
  • Twin Plasma Reactors: Primary power source. They are high powered Fusion Reactors that power most of the ship.

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