Simply called The Ultimate Weapon, it is a legendary, oversized superweapon forged by an alien species in long forgotten times. The Ultimate Weapon along with the other Calamity Relics were the only superweapon Lord Shiny feared until he learned of the Ban Ray.


It appears to be a weapon made of many weapons. It is said to be able to slay gods.


  • Final Ultimatum: An energy slash capable of cutting through any known matter. Extremely powerful.
  • Twin Weapon mode: The Ultimate Weapon is capable of splitting into 2, if the wielder prefers it.
  • Spear of Justice: When thrown with the sword end facing the target, it is capable of accelerating to high speeds and absolutely destroying the target.



This page may be rewritten by SolZen321 as he is the main writer for Atlanta: Journey to Extinction

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