A sentient doomsday machine that works towards a goal that is either altruistic or twisted, depending on your point of view

Appearance Edit

The War Eater is a large battleship. It is black with several engines on the back, and three large circular ports that glow red and spew out smoke constantly. The ship itself is all black with several turrets on top and below. At the tip is a ship-maiden that resembles a woman praying.

History Edit

Created on a war torn world, even the discovery of space flight did not quell its creators' need to fight each other. Eventually an enclave of scientists decide to create a weapon to end all wars. The end result was the War Eater. Upon coming online, it's first act was to destroy it's homeworld, leaving the fields and forests burnt, the oceans boiled away and the sky choking on smoke. It then took off, traveling across the universe for any inhabited planet it can find. Sometimes it is driven off, other times it is not.

Armaments Edit

  • Deflector Shields:
  • Blaster Turrets
  • Death Engines: The ports at its front and side, they spew out the smoke it is most famous far. It can also generate fields and waves of pure heat energy, or focus it into beams. They are linked to the Inferno Engines
  • Inferno Engine: Nuclear Fusion/Anti-Matter reactor/generator which powers the entire ship.
  • Super A.I.: The War Eater is sentient.

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