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A dimension of eternal inconsistency and pure contradiction. Lies far deep inside L ... perfectly normal and gentle mind. This dimension is pure chaotic and contain demon. That L can summon out to fight for him or possessing a machine. Yes ... he can summon demon out of his mind.

The Plague Garden Edit

Taking the form of a garden filled with poisonous plant, some carnivous and big fat rotting zombie without genitalia. This garden contain the soul of everyone indirectly die when one of his antic happen. Those soul eventually become Plague Bearer, or the Unclean One. Demon who worshipped Papa L as the god of decay and status quo

This garden represent L fondness for the current status quo and his unwilling to change.

The F*ck up Maze of Total Chaos Edit

A total inconsistence and paradoxal maze that change instant. Lies inside are pure energy demon call the Horror. Represent all the scheme of L And his wish for change. .

Just as planned.

Gore Valhalla Edit

An open field where fragment of his victim soul fight to the dead for eternity. This realm contain the Bloodletter and Bloodthrister demon.

Represent L ANGER.

The Miki Dorm. Edit

The realm filled with all thing relate to Aono Miki. This realm represent everthing about his personality. Contain within this realm are the L-Demon and XL-Demon, who look just like him.

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