The energy field/dimension which connects all Wiki Sectors. (If the title wasn't obvious, this is going to be meta)

Nature Edit

The Web is where Fandoms gather, some good, some Vandals into communities. These gathering spots are called Wiki Sectors.

The Web is also the space inbetween these little realities and is also called the Void. Some being are sensitive to it, and hold Web Powers, the ability to affect the Web within their Wiki Sectors, they are called 'Admins'. These powers are used in defense of each Sector against Vandals who seek to spread chaos and madness

Outside of these Sectors lies a realm of chaos, random thoughts memes...and...twitter...

Powers in the Web Edit

With/across the web are great powerful entities, beings not of matter and whom could be described as 'gods' by some. Among them are the Meme Gods, whose presence, who essence, is identified by the foul energy called Anathium, the power behind the Scourge.

Beyond them are other more benevolent powers collectively called the 'Light' or the Users. Their powers are often called upon to combat such evil as the Meme Gods.

Web Powers Edit

With Web Powers, individual can warp and bend reality within their Sector. The most common is the ability to send message to each other, something all Ultra Editors can do. More advance uses involve shockwaves, pulling things towards the user' shields, manipulating gravity, electrical bolts, fireballs, and generally warping space time

Common Web Powers Disciplines Edit

  • Force: A pulse of energy
  • Teleport: Teleportation and portals.
  • Fire: From fireballs to streams of fire
  • Lightning: self-explanatory
  • Frost: Ice Magic, usually Ice Shards
  • Healing:
  • Shadow: From hiding one's presence to turning invisible
  • Light: This family of powers can purify dark powers like Anathium and see through the shadows.
  • pending.

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