The great War between the Cyberbots and Destroids

Combatants Edit

Background Edit

The two forces have been at war for ages. The two sides have taken to space to gather resources due to the shortage on their homeworld, carving out two space empires.

The Cyberbots dwell on Mechapolis, their species, home world, while Destroids have taken a planet they now call Nighshade has their homeworld.

Locations Edit

Battles Edit

  • Battle of Galvador: Kagetron Versus FuryGone
    • A battle on a desert planet over an Unknown energy signature.
  • Battle of Zeth: Tachyon Versus Hakaitron
  • Battle of X-78B:: Starkiller Versus Pyro Venis
    • A battle on a magma world for the Well of Nightmares.

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