Tiger Heart is a female robot that transforms into a mechanical big cat.

Appearance Edit

Tiger Heart has a cat face on her chest, her body armor is green with black stripes and she has a tail, the end of which becomes a pincer/hook. On her forearms are her tiger arms and on her sheet feet, are her tiger legs. Her helmet bears a double spike crest that resembles cat ears.

Personality Edit

Tiger Heart is disciplined, humble but also determined. Despite her quite nature, she does not take defeat well. She is never willing to give up and her determination is seconded to none.

Biology Edit

Tiger Heart is a bio-mechanical life form, underneath her armor one would find a collection of natural wires, pistons, circuitry in a bio-mechanical fashion. Inside are also other organs/parts, such as batteries, her Bio-Core, her Ethium Stores and Ethium Processing plant. She is a Promethium based life form.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Tiger Claws: Her tiger claws can be used to attack her foes, by being charged with energy.
  • Rail Guns: Morphed out of her Tiger Claws, the powerful pulses they give of can knock down the average bot and pierce all bu the thickest Promethium Armor. However, they require a good deal of energy to use and she quickly tires from using them.
  • Eye Beams: She can charge and fire beams from her eyes.

Transformation Edit

  • Cat to Robot: Her head moves down to her chest as her real one comes out, her front legs fold back and hands come out. Out of her back thighs come her real legs which merge with the tiger legs.

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