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The heart of a TechnoMorph Titan, it is what powers all of their weapons, their bodies etc. It also holds the soul of the being who became the titan and links them to Hyper-Space where the majority of the energy comes and is then converted into Engen.

Appearance Edit

The Charge Chamber appears like a crystal sphere behind a metal ring and a nest of wires around it. Inside the sphere appears to be clouds of blue energy swirling around with electricity arcing all around and sparkling, while alien characters are also in the mix. In the core is a light surrounded by a field of electricity that expands and contracts like heartbeat, powering titans.

Nature Edit

The chamber is simply a massive Spark Chamber, holding the gargantuan ball of energy and sentience that animates a Titan.

After the Titan dies, the crystal breaks down and all remaining energy becomes crystal of Engen.

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