The Sparks of Technomorph Titans

Appearance Edit

Titan Sparks resemble normal sparks but they are simply much brighter and or much larger.

Nature Edit

Titan Sparks are similar to the Sparks of Primes, in that they are connected to a higher dimension. The similarity is so great that Primes and Titans can be mistaken for each other based on their sparks' energy signatures. For Primes this is Primus/Allspark/Matrix/Great Spark etc. For Titans the dimension in question is much more vague. Regardless this gives the Titans similar qualities, such as a resistance to the paranormal, and the potential to learn supernatural abilities, particularly those revolving phase theory.

The connection to higher dimension is why their bodies can be so big.

Examples of Titan Powers Edit

  • Atem: The first Titan, he is the only Titan known to have shown such abilities.
    • Phase Energy Manipulation: Atem has been shown manipulating and generating phase energy to his leisure, for such things as.
      • Energy Blasts:
      • Portals:
      • Barriers:
      • Telekinesis
      • Pocket Dimensions: At his extreme, Atem could manipulate the space around him, to the extreme of that is creating pocket dimensions.
    • Healing/Regeneration: Atem has been able to heal/repair himself, and also heal others, even organics.

Individuals with Titan Sparks Edit

  • Atem/Maxion and all his reincarnations
  • TechnoMorph Titans.

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