An uncommon metal but not rare metal, it is one of the hardest natural metals in the Universe

Nature Edit

In its raw form it always appears fused with other elements, in its refine form it is a chrome shiny metal. While its is very strong, it is brittle, so it is always fused with one or more other element to create a strong but flexible composite, usually Aluminum.

Titanium is used as the base, or a primary ingredient in some of the most durable materials and substances, which are harder than it.

Composites Edit

These are metal which use Titanium as an ingredient

  • Space Titanium: An unstable metal that is fused with other metals for stability. It is created in Zero G with an abnormal molecular structure
  • Tritanium: A highly dense material that uses Titanium in its base.
  • Duranium: A cross between Titanium, Carbon Fibers, steel and Aluminum

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