A humanoid insect like race, that is part of the Galactic Pan Species Alliance. Their home world is called Kalissi

Appearance and Biology Edit

Tok'Kor are an androgynous race that resemble female, that is because a majority of their kind are females. They have a hive like social order, with queens, males and workers (everyone else).

They generally resemble typical humanoids but with natural chitin armor all over their bodies. They lack mammary glands, and their faces have large segmented armor plates (think Turians from Mass Effect), but with spiky black hair. They have clawed four digit hands and two digit feet.

Males appear more masculine with triangular chests. They are also born with insect wings, but these are generally clipped at birth.

With queens, the armor on their lower spine, enlarges and grows into a thrown of sorts, from which Tok'Kor eggs are laid. Workers become queens by mating with a male. The lower legs fuse with the new appendage leaving queen very immobile.

Because of their methane rich home planet, they are force to wear Environment Suits when dealing with other races.

Culture Edit

The Tok'Kor are Matriarchal society ruled by a council of queens. New Queens are chosen by the reigning council who hold a monopoly over the few males that exist. Males are treated as a possession and a commodity and have been the cause of wars in their past. The only times males are allowed to leave their homeworld is to set up a colony, and afterwards they are called back.

Their premier fighting force are the Tok'Kar Praetorians.

History Edit

Originally a people of many warring tribes, this ended when they were approached by the Salan who uplifted them. The purpose for this was to expand the number of worlds the Alliance could colonize and thus expand its influence.

The Tok'Kor are traditionally at odds with the Vog, to the point that it is illegal for one to enter their territories under threat of death.

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