Transmetal is an umbrella term for special metal, the kind which makes up robotic life forms. It is effectively all forms of programmable matter.


Transmetal is so named because materials in this group both meet but transcend the characteristics of metal. While electrically conductive and generally strong, they also have other traits that seperate them from standard metals. Some, like Promethium, a composite material, a naturally inclined to creating Mechanical Cells. Proto-Matter, is a programmable substance, and Cyberplasm facilitates organic like reactions in mechanical bodies.

Transmetals are almost always the material which makes up robotic life forms

List of Transmetal

  • Promethium: An artificially designed metal specifically for the creation of Transmetal lifeforms.
  • Proto-Matter: A programmable substance tied to Engen.
    • Cyber-Matter/Cyberplasm The primordial metallic substance that makes up the body of ever form of life on Cybertron, it is also what covers most of its surface. It is less organic than most (Artificial) Transmetals, but stronger than most.