Also called Trytanium, or Trititanium, it is one of the hardest metals in the known galaxy and used by the most advance races to create their most important ships.

Nature Edit

Tritanium is several times harder than mere Titanium, its base component. It is a super dense metal with an interlocking carbon fiber moleculor structure, combining the titanium element with rather dense and heavy elements to create an incredibly hard metal that diamond cannot cut.

Tritanium is incredibly dense, with few things being denser such as Dwarf Star Matter, as a super dense material, during the creation process and casting, or smelting process gamma rays are released.

Tritanium is incredibly hard to create, requiring a process that requires gravity manipulation and materials that can withstand the incredible forces needed to create and control it. It is because of these reasons that it is rarely used.

Tritanium can withstand, solar winds, cosmic rays, plasma storms, it can stop most known forms of radiation and even absorb the energy from most energy weapons.

Variants Edit

  • Tritanium Alpha: The original version, when most speak of Tritanium, they refer to this one.
  • Tritanium Beta: A cheaper, lesser version which, while possessing all of the real version abilities, is not as powerful and mainly used to produce the real one. It is still expensive to make.

Examples Edit


Trivia Edit

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