Hailing from a faraway galaxy, Life has appeared in the Atlanta crew's galaxy in search of two lost Ultras.

Appearance Edit

Life is a turquoise Ultra with swirl patterns. On his crest is a blue color timer like Beam Lamp. He sports Seven style Protectors and Almond dome eyes.

History Edit

Life was born as an only child to Ultraman Genesis and Ultrawoman Crysos. His mother was one of the Land of Light's main physicians and his father was a guard who worked on the front gate at the Space Prison. When he was growing up, Life was not entirely interested in being an Ultra that fought evil aliens and monsters, and instead aspired to be like his teacher: Ultraman 80. Life had a knack for linguistics and universal typography and was in the training to become a galactic translator for the Space Garrison. However, his plans were put on hold once Ultraman Belial escaped the Space Prison and made his father be confined to a bed for he had become immobilized in the event.

Once Belial had been defeated by the Ultras and the Land of Light had been toughed, Life took it upon himself to get some fighting experience, just in case it was needed. He still hung onto his goal of becoming a translator and eventually became what he had hoped to be. Life has since used his skills to determine the typography for Planets Cool, Centuras, M, Red and Esmeralda. Life was out to study a new, uncharted planet when he met the Atlanta crew and decided to join them on their quest.

Personality Edit


Powers and Abilities Edit


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