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Some say that light can only exist because of darkness. That the day can only appreciated because of the night. That the rest in the shadow is only pleasant because of the long walk in the hot sunlight.

Those thing are now gone. The balance of good and evil is completely crushed. The culprit is no one other than the Pretty Cure who has destroyed the tiniest and most trivial evil. As the disturbances increase, the universe become unstable. Then everything will collapsed into each other and created a big explosion with energy equal to a big bang. Every single race that doesn't advanced enough to immigrate into another universe or find some way to defend themselves again the big bang will eventually vanish.

Currently, the universe is started to fall apart

And to prevent more damage being done to the universe. A decision has to be made. This decision is so trivial but so important that only the wisest invidual can understand it. It was the unthinkable force of nature existed to defend the universe who made such decision.

That force decide to intervened before the damage become irrevisible. It decide that in order to save the Universe. The happiness of 43 Pretty Cure has to be sacrificed. And they do that by locking them in an enternal time loop and forced them to fight each other.

The decision iself is risky. Because even the "Force That Govern The Universe" iself know that it is powerless against the Pretty Cures if they decide to fight against it. But it also known that the Pretty Cures are just little girl and they doesn't even realized the full magnitude of their power. So the most logical choice made by the force is to make the Pretty Cures thing they can't defeat it. Even through they can.

But "The Force That Govern The Universe" choose to do it anyway since their are no other choices left. And sacrificed 43 girl happiness to save a whole universe are a logical thing to do. "The Force That Govern The Universe" even think that "Zen Seibertron Teikoku" will also agree on such logic. Afterall, is 43 girl compared to countless billion lives out there. And those girl are not even loosing their lives, they only loose their happiness. It unthinkable for any sentient being even the insane batshit one to choose the happiness of 43 girl over THE FATE OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE.

And they are wrong. There was indeed, one guy who insane batshit enough to choose the happiness of 43 girl over the FATE OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. That guy is the boss of "Zen Seibertron Teikoku". Among those 43 girl are his lover, Cure Passion. Accompanied him is Da-Garn X, Ultra Raker, God Max, King Exkaiser along with Star Saber. There mission is to defend the adorable "Pretty Cures" from the "Force That Govern The Universe" and if neccesary, beat the crap out of it. Will the "Force That Govern The Universe" have enough power to stop him.

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