oh I'm just doing this out super robot wars z just in case it ends because I think there's a lot more potential in the universe takes 25 years after z 3


Earth Federation U.C absorbed all of the member blocs and made them all join forces to create unified nation it also turned previous power in universe due to multiple threats galactic federation into member and absorb galaxy due other threats absorb mutpule galaxies

population members blocs

earth federation U.C 6 trillion Gundam U.C.

new untited nations macross 5 trillion billion

Protocolture republic 250 billion

new United Nations 15 fafner

Earth sphere federation 60 billion gundam 00.

new unified nations earth and space 4 billion gundam x.

earth moon Union 22 billion turn a gundam

Federation of the towers 16 billion eureka 7

Twin forces alliance 30 billion spy layzer

unified earth 16 billion andonah zero.

New earth federation AG 110 billion gundam age.

new earth 30 billion super demesion o

vers 3 billion andonah zero.

Union of man 20 billion gargantia.

new world protectorate 10 billion angels dragons.

earth federation AD 30 billion dragonar .

Global treaty of liberty buddy complex 25 billion

colonies federation 50 billion g gundam.

EFG vifam 150 billion.

sign iron no olynusss system federation 100 billion.

Efg bismark 500 billion..

efg gravion 80 billion

Astro republic 150 billion alien vifam.

majestic prince 60 billion.

Neo earth gundam seed alliance 60 billion

valvrave neo galactic republic 2 trillion.

Fang of the sun EFG 1 trillion.

the kingdom 28 billion spy layzer .

Unified earth sphere nation with oz as millitry 150 billion.

Mega rider z ef governments 150 billion.

neo transformers

Gramlions republic 100 billion transformers.

quistions 50 billion transformers.

cybertron and colonies 75 billion transformers.

other alen governments 5 trillion

eg 25 transformers billion transformers.

neo earth republic zoids 1,555.2 trillion zoids .

arvglion republics 16 billion arvaglion.

paragonda federation 10 trillion votoms.

Dragonaut 12 billion.

Evaglion 5 billion.

Muv luv nations 5 billion.

god Mars 12 billion.

Pentagona star system l gain 2 trillion.

five systems federation Five star stories 2 triillioN.

new human governed five star stories 5 trillion

U N full panic full metal 10 billion.

Walgru empire 10 billion majestic prince.

league 1,140 trillion strain.

galatic union 3,125 trillion strain.

unified galaxy republic sphere 200'25 post dark age trillion battle tech.

Republic sphere Clans 10 trillion battletech.

Overman king gamer 5 billion.

galaxy alliance 5 trillion.

Captain earth 12 billion.

brain power 5 billion.

New un Zone of elders 28 billion.

phantom memory 18 billion.

Neo UN run dim 12 billion.

Gi joe renegades world 12 billion with changes.

martion successor 80 billion.

Drune republic 2.5trillion.

united nations gun parade march with modifications americas untaken more like beta map 10 billion.

Runne no larger four systems federation 400 billion.

heavy object factions 20 billion.

Gravion 70 billion.

Gunbuster galactic federation 58 trillion.

new human federation 45 billion

unified government 20 billion

unifed government 20 billion

unified government 20 billion

Crescent kingdom federation panzer 18.5 trillion

kingdom of the wind 60 billion

docouga 1 15 billion

magos republic 500 billion

quo vandals 12 trillion

iron blooded orphans 65 billion

system federation ninja senshi tobikage 150 billion

godnar 12 billion

dagwon galaxy federation 2,235 trillion

other alien members 25'325 trillion

earth republic 380 trillion robogetter

daigan federation 250 trillion

total 1' 153'000,000,000,000 trillion


Beta war

mana war

zorg unified nation war

armed forces by number and divisions

153'000,000,000,000 trillion

conventual warfare

high command office 5 trillion

navel division 800 trillion

1st grand navy

2nd grand nay

3rd grand navy

4th grand navy

5th grand navy

6th grand navy

7th grand navy

8th grand navy

infantry division 1500 trillion

1st grand army 2nd grand army broth army 10th

3rd grand army

4th grand army

5th grand army

6th grand army

7th grand army

8th grand army aka special forces

logistics division

110 trillion

16 land 16 air 18 space 10, math 40 trillion MII SDD 10 trillion


mecha divsion 730

kmftanks 150 trillion

aircraft 150

120 artillery division

300 mobile suit conventional

15 trillion special lando bell mobile suit taskforce

support staff

object command 25 trillion

training and test force staff 50 trillion

sub division mechanics 210 trilion

armed forces organization or ranks

Because they wanted a simple organization unified nation forces so they wanted got Commander chief General currently held by general revil I modified so he did not die one year war taking path girhins greed

chief General those are in charge of service branches the army ground force andrew wifeld aerospace force who also hold tiie senior adjutant bright noa

Supreme general classes full 5 4 3 2 1 stars

galactic general 5 4 3 2 1 stars

sub galactic general 5 4 3 2 1 stars

staff general classes full 5 4 3 2 1 stars

Front general classes full 5 4 3 2 1 stars

Sub front general full 5 4 3 2 1 stars

sector general 1 stars

senior adjutant sector general 2 1 stars

Sector jr general 4 3 2 1 stars

Sub sectior General full 5 4 3 2 1 stars

Planetry General full 1 stars

Region general full 1 stars

Sub region general full 3 2 1 stars

General of army

Lt general full 2 1 stars

Major general full 3 2 1 star

Brigider general


Lt colonol


Supreme lt

Lt 5 4 3 2 1 stars

Ensign 5 4 3 2 1 stars

Master segent

Segment major


Sergeant minor


Private major



main mecha

Itthe main mobile suit and only grunt mobile suit of the unified nation is the RGM 93 MWL Jagen 38 tons full equipped weight height 16.5

the RGM MWL Jagen is miniature mobile suit useing new un spacey and earth federation reactor and C.E technology.the earth federation disgin a new miniaturized mobile suit it has solar panels inside so it up time indefinite using gn radar technology it has been up graded minovsky drive techology radar and it got minovsky wings of light engine capital being conventual it is armed with with 350mm vbsr rapid fire beamlancher rapidaly fully charged 120 mm rapid Fire magnetic gun capibal of holding 150'000 plasma rounds and 60 mm Valcun beam gun and 35mm anti anit air laser and 120 misille tube lanchers capital carrying 1600 thousand missiles 3 beam sabers 2 neo beam shields a and two beam spears and 2 glades in emergency it can deployed statilite cannon annoy equipped neo phase shift and neo semi transparent armour which resistant to beam minovsky weaponry all but imperious to almost every coventual eneregy weapon weapons and neo gunduriam o a monovsky pin point barrier 2 neo beam shields neo i feild and equipped with hyper fold drive.

the VF 35 Fokker Ray young height 14.5 tons 28 tons named after the three greatest still living aces of the unified nation. Its the main variable fighter of unified nation equipped with every thing like as there mobile suits accept there less powerful armed with 225mm monosky beam launcher 2 30mm AntI air lasers and 4 60mm duel beam magnetic gun Cannons an 120mm duel maginatic beam gun pod which varies 200'000 plasma rounds and 80 missile tube capable 1400 is also armed with two beam sabers and new beam shield it has armour as the RWL jagen mobile suit And neo I field also neo gundarium o and neo phases shift

RGM 0093 2 18.5 60 tons the walfeild tiger is the bacue heavy duty transformarble moble suit mode prowling mobile suit mode hover mode mobile suit mode it is equied with 4 beam sabers 2 beam spears 2 neo beam shields neo i feild barrirer 8 120 mm rail vacun guns a capable of carting two plasma 250'000 rounds for each gun 2 650 mm magnetic accelerator 1250 rounds each and can become become beam weapon during or once ammo runs out two 15 tube  1200 plasma missile launchers also has neo gundarium o and new phase shift and neo semitransparent armor

ship classes

macross class crew 10,000 one grand giga particle cannon 2500 mecha

revil class mega carrier crew 4000 1200 super giga particle canons 1200 mecha

noa class super carrier 2000 600 gigga particle canons multi launchers 800 mecha

aznable class carrier 1000 250 super gigga particle cannons multi launchers 400 mecha

amuro ray class super destroyer crew 600 super giga particle canons 120 multilanchers 250 mecha

federation enterprise class destroyer crew 350 super 26 giga particle cannons multilanchers

200 mecha

walfeild class frigate crew 120 12 super giga particle cannons 50 main guns 30 200 tube multi launcher108 mecha

archangel class corvette crew 80 two super giga particle canons 20 mainguns 20 200 tube multi lanchers 52 mecha

neo salmis gunboat class 10 main guns super one giant giga particle canon 12 mech a crew 75 10 multilanchers 26 mecha

support units

neo tank frame

object control unit


powerd armour with neo semi transparent armor and neo phase shift armor and minovsky plasma sheild and beam asuult rifle is standerd for every unified nation infintry man