A marvel of programming and linguistics, it is common across the spaceways.

Nature Edit

A device which translates other languages, it operates by taking the audio data and either using its own library, or its translation matrix, convert the words into the user's home tongue.

Translation Matrix Edit

The most vital part of a translator, it is where audio data is stored, dissected and reassembled into another language. The speed of this depends on the languages, size and algorithm used. If the language's 'code' is cracked, they can translate in real time. However, they are only meant for audio communication.

Some individuals/races, instead memorize the algorithm and translate on their own.

Examples Edit

  • Ear Plugs: Sometimes implants, they are worn inconspicuously in the ears and most can translate in real time.
  • Com-Links: Usually come with a translator installed.
  • Protocol Robots: These beings often have translators installed, or at least a matrix in their electronic brains.
  • Mechanoids: Some are like Protocol robots.

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