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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is College
  • I am Male
  • Lord Bá Đạo

    In my newest plan after read a terrible but interesting fanfic call "The Godaikin War". I decide to start the Chougoukin War. An Event where Super Robot beat the un-living scrap out of each other. And you, is the one who decide what robot will win an battle.


    Team Raker

    NGA-01 Mazinger Z 

    NGA-05 Great Mazinger 

    Controller: Green Raker and Blue Raker

    Team Max

    NGA 02-04: Getta Robo

    NGA 11-13: Getta Robo G

    Pilot: Max Team

    Team Kaiser:

    NGA 03 Battle Fever Robo

    NGB 01-02 Daltanius

    Controller: Exkaiser and Fighbird

    Team L

    NGB 14 Daidenjin

    NGB 32 Sunvulcan.

    Controller: L and Battle Convoy (G1 Optimus)


    1st Battle: Mazinger Z vs Getta Robo 

    Combatant Analysis

    Mazinger Z:

    • Height: 20 meters 
    • Weight:  18 tons 
    • Neck Circumference: 5.6 meters
    • Chest Circumferenc…

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  • Lord Bá Đạo

    This blog purpose it to collect some of the most hillarious fail made by the Google Translate. And show that they need to check their source carefully. 

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