The serious and posh VTOL is commonly seen in a Yukata, or Miko outfit with a katana. She transforms into a red and black bot with a winged jet pack and wields a beam katana

Appearance Edit

VTOL, in human form is a beautiful woman of Japanese descent, with a rather tone build. She had long black hair tied in a ponytail or in triangular loops, brown eyes and thick eyebrows. She wears either a Yukata, a slender kimono dress, when she is being formal, or a Miko outfit for everyday events (a kimono with a white upper jacket and red baggy pants).

In robot form she is a red and black robot with a white face. Her helmet has a back crest mimicing her triangular loops and she has wings with VTOL fans which point up.

Personality Edit

VTOL, is prim and proper and highly disciplined, prefering to be stoic. She is often the one to discipline the others and constantly buts heads with ATV over Koji's upbringing. Despite her stoic demeanor she is easily disgusted of such things as mice, or bugs and would go so far as to run behind Koji.

Like the others she holds somewhat of an obsession with her master and strives to be his favorite.

History Edit

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Human Form: Like her 'sisters' she can take on a human form.
  • Beam Katana: An energy sword, that takes the form of a katana, can cut through conventional matter.
  • Flight: VTOL, as her names suggests, can fly at high speeds.

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