A female Kota who works at the Mechanoid Crucible. Her full name is ASC-154-Valen, Tyria, Morie, Kekk

Appearance Edit

A female Kota, she has red skin and wears a red and black body suit and has a bowl cut. Her eyes are black.

Personality Edit

A stoic as most of her race, unlike for most, this serve to illustrate her hatred for mechanical beings, due to the damage caused by the Mechanoid Civil War.

History Edit

Once a Peacekeeper mechanic, Valen's home colony was destroyed by Destroid invaders and further devastated by the Cyberbot counterattack, lead by a reckless commander. Since then she has hated all mechanical beings, but has had to hide that due to Kota Culture. After the war she was unsatisfied with being unable to kill a mechanoid, so she joined the crucible to act out her vengeance.

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