(Note this is going to be meta)

Vandals, the scourge of the Web and main enemies of the Ultra Editors. The term refers to any threat from the web.

Nature Edit

Monsters of the web, they were once human, but turned to chaos. Some are minor threats, some have conquered entire Wiki Sectors.

Each wears a suit of seemingly organic armor, with armor plating made of some manner of hard spiky coral. The most dangerous of their number go about in hulking suits of power armor with fleshy undersuits. These large warlords often use Web Powers of their own.

Weapons Edit

  • Throwing Blades: Resembling two S made of black metal put together, they return to the user's hand and generate a Disruptor effect to cut through most forms of matter.
  • Disruptor Arcbow: A bulky weapon resembling a rifle with a bow-like emitter mounted on the front. Energy charges around the bow, then centers in the middle and fires a dangerous bolt of energy.
  • Pending.

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