A city Located on Neo Vandora, it is the capital city of the Vandoricons, a race transmetal beings.

Appearance Edit

The city is currently a massive complex of spires and building around a central control tower/building. On its outskirts are massive walls made of heavy metal plating, the kind used for the strongest of star ships hulls. Between the walls are ramps for traffic. Beneath the city is a network of growing tunnel systems and underground complexes as the inhabitants continue to grow their civilization and mine for resources.

Defenses Edit

  • Null Ray Turrets:
  • Plasma Warhead Missiles:
  • EM Shield Projectors.

History Edit

Built by Vandoran refugees, they were a belligerent race that went to war, a war that ended with the use of The End. Somehow surviving they ran from their blasted home world and their native galaxy, eventually finding themselves in the Pegasus galaxy where they set up shop. However, the presence was soon made known to the ascended member of their race Atem Magnus, who came to destroy them due to his intense dislike for his own species.

When Magnus attacked the city, the ruler pacified the angry Titan by proposing a deal, if Vandorans could not exist peacefully with the rest of the universe, then transform them into something else, living metal beings. Renaming themselves Vandoricons they have lived peacefully in the Pegasus Galaxy until the arrival of the Empire, who enslaved them and use them as a source of Uranium.

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