Vandoricon Security Vessel
Ship Type: Patrol Vessel
Ship Class: Frigate
Crew Size: 10
Weight: tba
Length: 40 meters
Height: 26 meters
Manufacturer: Vandoricons
Armaments: Pulse Rifle Turrets
Propulsion Ion Propulsion
Utilities None
Affiliation Senticons
Created by SolZen321

A Frigate size ship used to monitor Vandoricon Space.

Appearance Edit

Security Vessels are small, rectangular with twin engine pods that are also rectangular. They maintain the bridge near the end.

History Edit

Due to Imperial Sanctions the Vandoricons were not allowed to hold a standing Navy but were allowed to have a police force for their solar system, which due to the Predabots, was needed.

Armaments Edit

  • Pulse Rifle Turrets: Security Vessels use the same weaponry that imperial ships use. This due to keeping the Imperial quite with their concerns for superior Vandoricon technology.

Propulsion Edit

  • Ion Propulsion: Typical thrusters.

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