The Vandoricon Senate Council, is the ruling body of Vandorica and its people.

History Edit

As the Archon worked to rebuild her civilization, the Senate was eventually formed out of Paragons and the various guild leaders. This group would gather to decide the laws and regulations of the Vandoricon of and how to deal with issues affecting their civilization.

Their first major crises was the Predabot uprising, which has left a constant issue for them.

The next major issue was the Empire. Instead of facing their Ubonium weapons of mass destruction, they surrendered peacefully but have since chaffed under their sanction and bigotry towards 'machines'.

The senate has agreed to the export of resources as tribute but secretly plans who eventually rebel against them. Constructing secret warships and taking their advance science underground and slowly but surely building up their forces.

Structure Edit

  • Outer Council: Comprised of representatives from the guilds and also from the various districts and minor cities around the planet. It is they who come together and vote on any new laws or bills. The Outer Council members are also meant to call for assistance in any issue affecting their sector that cannot be dealt with normall.
  • Inner Council: Composed of specially elected Paragons, Guild Heads and the Archon, their duty is to come up with new laws and bills for them and the Outer Council to decide upon.
  • Archon: The Head of the Council and Matrix bearer. Their job is sign off any new bill or law passed. Though mainly ceremonial , the Archon can stop any law of bill. They are also the ones who preside over Council meetings

Vandoricon Law Edit

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