The technology of the Vandoricons, it is based of the technology they brought with them from their home galaxy.

History Edit

For a long time Vandorans had advance technology, but rarely advanced much due to their violent natures, it is a wonder how they reached space age at all.

During the Imperial occupation, they were forced to hide a great deal of their technology.

Nature Edit

Most of their technology is powered by plasma, making it very clean, however they do go to alternative/renewable sources such as sunlight. Originally their most famous examples of technology was mainly used for hunting, but after the Great Change, they began focusing on other aspects.

Because of their size, their weapons are not designed for smaller races.

Examples of Technology Edit

  • Vandoricon Plasma Cannon: A hand held weapon, based of their ancestor's favorite ranged weapons
  • Vandoricon Plasma Pistol: A smaller version
  • Vandoricon Fusion Turret: A ship mounted weapon.
  • Vandoricon Recharge Station: For recharging Vandoricon bodies, with needed energy.
  • Vandoricon Cloaking Device: A staple from their ancient days
  • Vandoricon Warp Drive: Another ancient tech, it is much faster than a Mass Drive.
  • Vandoricon Warp Core:
  • Vandoricon Body Armor:
  • Vandoricon Plasma Drill:
  • Pending.

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