The largest ship in the Senticon Fleet.

Appearance Edit

The War Moons are spherical space fortresses, some five or so kilometers in diameter. They sport a massive about fire power

Weapons and Functions Edit

  • Weaponry:
    • Plasma/Blaster/Turbo Laser Turrets:
    • Plasma Beams:
    • Anti-Matter Warhead Missiles
    • Plasma Missiles
  • Cloaking: Their entire structures can be cloaked and hidden from sight and radar.
  • Graviton Drive: Due tot heir massive sizes, normal engines are not enough to move them through space with the required speed. The graviton drive, makes them faster, much faster than one would expect, break faster and be able to move with unexpected handling.
  • Shields. They sport powerful shields, allowing them to take on entire fleets for a short period of time.

History Edit

Made in the image of the Atlias Station, they were created during and after the war for independence against the Imperials.

Most now serve as home security for the Vandorica System. Some are sent to defend allies and one serves as the flagship for the Senticon Fleet.

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