Vandoricon Warship
Ship Type: Warvessel
Ship Class: Cruiser
Crew Size: Up to 30
Weight: n/a
Length: 137m
Wingspan: {{{Wingspan}}}
Height: 50 m
Manufacturer: Senticons
Armaments: Phaser Turrets
Plasma Warhead Missiles
Energy Shields
Propulsion Ion Propulsion
Warp Drive
Utilities Atmospheric Control
Cloaking Devices
Affiliation Senticons
Created by SolZen321

A standard Vandoricon cruiser. They were constructed in secret.


Vandoricon Warships appear as rectangular vessels. The front of the ship curves down and their triangular point, points down. Their two engine pods in the rear are of a similar shape and point up.


Due to Imperial sanctions the Vandoricons were not allowed to hold a standing Navy, but the Senticons were not stopped by that. Using their advance cloaking devices, they set up secret ship yards which slowly but surely allowed them to create cruisers that could best anything cruiser the Imperials had.


  • Phaser Turrets: Twin phaser cannons near the front of the ship, they can easily pierce through conventional hulls.
  • Scatter Cannons: Lining the side of the ships, these turrets cover a wide area with laser bolts
  • Plasma Warheads:
  • Shields: Vandoricons use energy shields to stop incoming fire of all sorts. The shields generally do not cover weapons to allow for safe firing.


  • Ion Propulsion:
  • Impulse: used when cloaking.
  • Warp Drive: They can traverse between star systems in reasonable times.


  • Life Support: Their ships maintain an internal environment that can be altered at will.
  • Cloaking Device: They can render themselves invisible to sight and sensors.