A race of Mechanoids in the Mechanoid Zone of the Scorpio Galaxy.

Appearance Edit

They resemble typical mechanoids. However their bodies are often varies, yet their heads are almost always the same. An elongated head with a small fin on top, an a wide visor eye with a long slanted chin.

Culture Edit

The Vega arose from combat drones and as such are known for being belligerent and prone to violence. They are competitive with each other and others and often seek upgrades for the sake of it. They often serve as guards, grunts, or bounty hunters and assassins.

They also do not maintain their ships or buildings, which are often from scavenged parts, in fact their society would fall apart without service droids maintaining the other aspects.

Technology Edit

The Vega are one of the least advance, if not the least advance Mechanoid race in the Scorpio Galaxy. They are the only race that still uses solid ammunition as opposed to blasters (generally).

History Edit

Like other Mechanoids, they arose from service drones left behind by the Ancients.

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