Cremateous' lacky, transforms into a giant spider robot.


His robot form hints to his beast mode greatly with spider legs on his shoulder armor and his legs forming from a abdomen. His face sports multiple eyes and his helmet is the transformed head of his beast mode complete with fangs.


Venomous is a coward at heart, but despite this he is not entirely malicious, mainly only bullying others at the insistence of Cremateous his older brother who he fears so greatly. Left on his own he is rather fair. He also hates his beast mode as it was forced on him by his brother as a reminder of his place. However he does have a vindictive streak from years of abuse.


Venomous is not a powerful bot by any regards but he is stealthy, being able to crawl up most surfaces in either form and with probably fire from a distance. He can also see in other visual spectrums.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Assault Rifles: His spider legs touble as guns, however they are not much more effective than earth weaponry.
  • Promethium Based Spider Silk: Venomous can produce webbing that would drain the energy of others if left in it for too long. It is not that hard to break for the average bot.
  • Wall Crawling: Thanks to his Spider form, he knows how to crawl up any surface.


The younger brother of Cremateous, Venomous was bullied from young by his older brother and forced to be his lacky. When they gained their first alternate forms, Venomous was forced to become a spider, to remind him of his place compared to his 'mighty' brother. Venomous has since lived in his brother's shadow.


  • Like his brother, his design also comes from the same artbook.