The Supreme Commander of the Cyberbots, Victorious is the leader of the crusade against the evil Destroid forces and fights ensure the safety of life across the Galaxy.

Appearance Edit

Supreme is a large tall, big robot with cubic armor aside from his curved shoulder pads. He is primarily silver with blue stripes, has a face plate and a winged helmet with a triangular piece on a crest, resting over his brow. He sports twin blasters on his forearms and rectangular thrusters on his legs. On his chest is a triangular shield.

Personality Edit

Victorious is a firm stoic, and authoritative bot. He is also a good judge of character and given his age is wise. He is also a keen strategist and though he likes to work towards the best possible future, he is also a realist and sees the 'truth' of what war is...

History Edit


Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Turbolaser Blasters: The twin barrel guns on his forearms, these were designed for taking down starship hulls. They are high powered blasters.
  • Supremion Axe: An energy/staff which can be charge to unleash shockwaves of energy. It is his symbol of office and summoned from Subspace.
  • Specium Blaster: A high powered blaster that has the power to pierce even starship armor in one hit. It is said, it can kill a super robot with one hit and little to nothing to say that is wrong.
  • Mechanism Compendium: Inside Supreme is a strange unknown power, the one said to be responsible for Plasma Hearts. It allows him to summon an unknown power in the form of a blue flame.

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