The leader of the Cyberbots at the end of the War

Appearance Edit

A large and wide shouldered bot, Victorious's colors were red and blue. With a visible face, blue optics and a cubic armor, he was an imposing sight to his enemies and comforting presence to his allies.

Personality Edit

Forged into the Warrior Caste, Victorious did not like the Caste system of his people and also worried about their future. He had a low opinion of the then Supreme Nemesis and his policies. He wished an end to they pointless system but was pragmatic.

Victorious was humble, courageous and knew how to fight and wage war. Unlike most, held no bias, or at least held back his bias towards organics to make an alliance with them. He worried abut the fate of his people, the galaxy and life in general if the Destroids won the war.

History Edit

When it became painfully clear that Nemesis was no fit to lead, the Council, saw him put away. Victorious who was the most prestigious of his commanders, was made the new Supreme.

Victorious called for an Alliance with the Organic races of the universe to deal with the Destroids, as the Cyberbots were loosing the war. This allowed them to survive, but it had the unintended side affect of spreading the war across the galaxy, as the Destroids also reached out across the stars for organic help.

Near the end of the war, as the Titans sought out all Mechanoids, Victorious was killed by the Senate for refusing to kneel to the Ancients.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Special Heart: Victorious' Plasma Heart was stronger than most, making him, stronger than most.
  • Intellect: Victorious was a keen strategist
  • Plasma Rifle: His weapon of choice

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