Victory Leo
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"Victory Leo, i choose you"

---Star Saber---

A mindless drone control by Star Saber. He is often held inside a Pokeball.

Abilities and Power Edit

Victory Leo having the same power as Exkaiser and often use to combine with him. When Star Saber become very angry, so angry that his body cannot take such an anger, he can channel his anger into Victory Leo. Making Victory become Magna Victory Leo, a super mode of sort that make him five time stronger.

V-Lock Grenade: Fang-like missile that rotate like drill. Contain high ammount of explosive. Shoot from two launcher that pop up from the upper yellow part of his body.

V-Lock Vulcan: Super conductive vulcan in his hip. that shoot multi-warhead bullet. With the velocity faster than light.

V-Lock Cannon: Pair of twin energey cannon and rail gun.

V-Lock Missile: Split-missile launcher that launch lion-shape missile. Those missile will bite his enemy and explode.

V Smasher: His chest open to reveal a lion shape cannon. That fire stream of hot energy shape like his head, made of pure anger.

V-Spanner: From the vent under his chest, hide two sharp edge spanner with shape like lion. Those spanner can connect to a wire so he can use them like nunchuck.

Leo Burst: Victory Leo transform into a lion, and spew flame.

Grunium Bomber: Victory Leo transform into a jet plane and drop bomb on his enemy.

V-Lock Bazooka: A big bazooka that can shoot either energy or projectile. When Victory Leo get very angry, he can just smash his foe face with it.

Combine: Victory Leo can combine with his master to form Victory Saber.

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